Thursday, December 29, 2005

shout it out loud

Last night, reading Reynolds' Generation Ecstasy, unable to refrain from wondering how many amateur musicologists had touched the same pages in the last couple years, had already dog-eared and digested and recombinated pieces into fresh pearadiggums. On the balcony, cos I had to burn through the Red 72s. The girls across the way made a show of opening and closing their blinds, saying hi, complimenting me on my brothers' forward friends.

I'm at the part where Gerald Simpson strikes out on his own when a boyfriend steps out to pour out his beer. No, the final pour: Angel Falls from a nub nestled in a cotton fly. I looked just the one time, to be polite.

Confidential to Marissa: no, those guys were wrong. You are not mean. You are nice. You asked me my name.

I bought two Kiss albums and a Straitjacket Fits album today. Kiss stays.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

internal affairs/flippin' Hollywood Squares

The Man Behind ODB. Perhaps indicative of this article's desire for an engrossing arc is its refusal to call Ol' Dirty by his government name. While I doubt Mr. Jones' penchant for eternal self-christening stopped before Dirt McGirt, the story of him and his ladder-scrambling preppie lackey is something else.

Wouldna' found it but for Mike's link to the baladas prohibidas article. Just saying. The other article was all right. Kind of gonzo, but that's ok. Every weekend brings another trailer to Club Carnaval, just down the road from my apartment. This weekend was Los Terribles Del Norte (see photo below). New week, new grupo, and if they have an apellation, it's "Del Norte". Why? Probably because all the good drugs are up there, ebbing and surging in a most unromantic web of tunnels and chainlink holes.

Brad, what was 2005 to you?

In late October, the consolidation department still had our radio. Naree, who is deaf and a supreme warehouse utility player, was watching Dylan - ex-dealer, rail-thin white leaner - bob his head furiously. By way of explanation, he put on a big beam and gestured at the stereo. So there she is, a young mother of four, splitting her days between jobs at Dell and the IRS, always laughing, the most graceful worker we have. She's put her ear right by the radio, and she's straining to catch any of the vibrations that Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz' "What U Gon' Do" is spilling.

That was my year. Fuck a Brad Shoup.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

from the fucking internet

This is the one that no one could have seen coming—five guys from Brooklyn releasing a record by themselves and having said record ignite the indie-college circuit simply by word-of-mouth and

(italics mine)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

8,5 that's my number

Jess Popper just jogged my memory... the first line of Gavin DeGraw's "I Don't Wanna Be," for those of you who were entranced by songs that maintain a certain standard from stem to stern, is

"I don't have to be anything other/Than a prison guard's son."

And that was the best opening to a song this year.

what's left in your arms/when the static clears

Stylus' Top 50 albums is final, and my own top 20... well, I'm not too thrilled with it. After about 12 discs, it's discs I liked, not loved. And by next year, I'll have re-slotted the final 8, and then some.

I will not repeat this weakness next year.

I've slagged Chicago jump blues in the past, but for Christmas my brother got me a couple CDs, among them Big Joe Turner's Rocks in My Bed, a collection of forties sides. And it's not all shoeshine and sidewalk shuffle; I hope to get "I'm Still in the Dark" on my next Stycast. Red Saunders' band backs him - in particular, Porter Kilbert and Leon Washington double up on saxes for the last verse and it's entertainment in powder form and with exclamation points. The session was tracked in Gotham, but the band's as Illinois as Lincoln's gay ass.

In other news, I'm listening to Donald Fagen's Kamakiriad. Which is to say, there is no other news at all. So smooth.

Friday, December 23, 2005

men will melt

While taking Hell's Bells down, in the scheme of subcultural touchstones, isn't exactly cracking the laser grid, it was good to see in these anti-Roman feastdays. I remember Hell's Bells, even though I saw it years later than most looming Xian rockers and was shown it in a spirit of "that could've been us, taking this seriously". But for the grace of God, I'm hoping. The author certainly thinks so.

The Beyonce/Slim Thug track ain't so bad.

Girlfriend's in town.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Oh and I just bought Sword Heaven's Horsing on a Bryan Berge-initiated whim. Is this how I wanted to lose my cassette-only virginity? On four hours of sleep, via Paypal?

There I go toward the sleeping bag...

KlausFraktal stylee

To study


Shotgun aimed for the tornado. Ah well, they can't all be... hits? Ian Mathers liked it, so screw all.

Ha ha! The Budos Band's got it. Their home base, Daptone Records, 's got a thing for copping the gilt of another age. Their logo's a stone classic, something outta Wattstax, and they forge 45 covers wherever space allows. Just reading "b/w" gives me staid thrills. They also make deep soul that rests snugly in the velvet pocket.

The Budos Band are after-school veterans, signed on the spot (or so the liners go, maybe Daptone's got the chummy rhetoric set on impromptu - it reads great, nonetheless) and fresh off a s/t with some wicked ensemble funk. Soaked in authenticity and begging for a party. I dunno. I liked it. Gave my friend a headache whilst comprehending extending listenings. Also: best album cover all year.

The rental company gave Stacey a PT Cruiser! It's nuts, given that she's waiting for an estimate on her 1993 Buick Regal. Here's my suggested playlist for her temporary nerdmobile:

Bob Marley, Legend
Weezer, "Buddy Holly"
Fatboy Slim (any)
Los Lonely Boys
Modest Wolf Fire

You get my point. Every other PTC she's seen is helmed by someone 30 or older, and she hates me for pointing this out to her. I still want a ride. What will the make-outs taste like?

I bought this on eBay, and I'm pretty stoked. I got "Ain't No Big Thing" after keying in "northern soul" on Soulseek, and it's a lovely cosmopolitan strut with a kiss-off croon. Less than seven bucks for a comp? A'ight.

Here's a review from Amazon:

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

Come to me softly, January 20, 2000
Reviewer: Bobby Walters (Florida,U.S.A.) - See all my reviews

Sad,very sad,I happen to be a part of jimmy's early recording days, with Lindon Pottinger when we recorded the song 'Come to me softly' WHERE DID THIS VERSION COME FROM ! THIS IS A AGAIN A SAD DAY IN JAMAICA'S MUSIC HISTORY.

the last superhero died

They said the man was alive when he was run over by a car, creating a probable although unenviable record for alcohol consumption in hard-drinking Latvia.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I love Chad Johnson.&Wilt had 69 after three&Shave those sideburns

"On the highway, I hit a deer," Johnson said Tuesday, insisting he was serious and that the animal wasn't hurt. "I kept him. He's at home in the garage. I'm going to use him for the celebration this weekend. He's a prop. They might suspend me for the last game, but I think this one is worth it."

"This is going to be the greatest celebration of all time, man," he said. "I actually use an animal."


Headline of the day on "Kobe held to 62 points vs. Mavs"


Look for Bill Simmons' suicide note on Yard Work.

sway in this is my porno vol. 2

Posted 12/20/2005 - 04:02:59 PM by keag76:
wow i think paul just popped a blood vessel. i am sure banks reads enough ezines to give him enough “indie cred” with all the ladies. note to self- hate bloc party because they are repetitive, username should be lead singer from a band critically acclaimed w/ some radio play. all that being said, for all of the average music put out this year stylus should put kicking television on this list. p.s.- fuck it new username jtweed76

Posted 12/20/2005 - 04:14:06 PM by pabanks46:
Just FYI, but my name is Paul Banks, and I use pabanks46 so I can log into Hotmail & Stylus with the same user info. My middle initial stands for Anthony. Hence, P A BANKS. And I will pop a blood vessel if you don't start making smart quips.

Posted 12/20/2005 - 04:31:43 PM by theokcomputer:
I don't think Southall would let Bloc Party get cut from this list, and in fact I think it will place quite highly, as it should. Is this Paul Banks character on here THE Paul Banks of INTERPOL fame? Do tell.

Posted 12/20/2005 - 04:36:42 PM by pabanks46:
No. The Paul Banks of Omaha origin. THAT Paul Banks came here, to St. Louis, and after the show went to a local, post-show hangout (Pin-Up Bowl) just down the street from the venue (The Pageant). Sad thing was, one of my law school classmates, who didn't own any of the records or know the songs, was like "I'm gonna make out with him," and, sure enough, Carlos D & his stupid vest/gun holster schtick sauntered in w/ Paul and started to play pool. Sure enough, Paul started making out with this chick. b/c this fucking episode, people for a week hearing it thought I had been cheating on my wife with this chick (side note: ewww). So, no, fuck Paul Banks & Carlos D (what kinda name is that?!!).


My top 20 albums list - to be revealed on Friday with everyone else's - may omit albums due to a lack of cohesion, or slavish imitation, or because I simply didn't hear them, but there's nothing personal involved in what I left out.

Except for M.I.A. and Bloc Party. Can't stand them, and I own both albums. Maybe in a year's time, I'll find some osrt of toehold that makes these records sound invigorating, rather than five energy fields without a planet about which to revolve. Like the Shins, Electric Version, and most of the Exploding Hearts record. Passion + pop structure - hooks = you gots to repeat the course.

Look, I'm awaiting next year with a fierceness. Keep writing articles, learn how to write reviews that aren't overcooked wedding vows (omg guys i actually like metal!!!!1!!), churn out the Stycasts, and read everything I get my hands on. You guys know. The usual. '05 was hors d'oeuvres. '06 will be the feast of the bridegroom.

Steely Dan reference most likely to make the '73 studio version of the group smile: a porn compilation tape titled Hey Nineteen. It's out there. I promise you. Not out there: Countdown to Ecstasy, Can't Bi a Thrill, Katy Laid.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

where's your slip mat-at-at?

Stabs become sassy kisses, strings that sluiced like Craig Conroy are now the soundtrack to Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. A cautiously manic chorus is now in your neighbor's yard, begging you through the crack in your car window to hold on to your highly accountable life. THIS IS WHAT AWAITS YOU IF YOU HEAR THE CHOPPED AND SCREWED VERSION OF "STAY FLY".

And Katy Lied is still, like, the 13th-best release of all time. Smooth as Vaseline, and twice as tasty.

Friday, December 16, 2005

fun with Listerine

There's more to President Bush's disuse of the veto than a simple chart, and much has been made of the tendency; but it's worth seeing, all the same. Who was the last president to go the distance without vetoing a single bill? James Garfield. Who was the Big Boss of the Howse, the Slim Thug of his time? William McKinley: 42 vetos, none overridden.

Some have pointed out that since both the White House and Congress are Republican, this may explain Bush's reluctance to pocket his pen: he likes what's come his way. But with this ballsy move by the Senate (motivated/enabled by the Times' pieces on non-judicially authorized eavesdropping?) we may yet see a showdown. Some evidence of a disconnect within the Republican party, of the value of debate, of some small tip toward disclosure as an aspect of our opaque, brobdingnagian government.

Philly's getting killed. Samuel Dalembert's resorting to clapping at Shaq.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

dook dook dook

Yesterday I helped my manager clean up two 100-word essays for this leadership program to which he's applying. "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" were his words - yeah, people do still say that - and since he's got four kids, I'm guessing there's no sex on the corporate ladder in my future. Near future, anyway. He seemed really appreciative, and I got to flex my compositional muscle a little bit. At lunch today (free BBQ for a meal pitched between Thanksgiving and Saturnalia), he and a PA (I know what they do, but I don't know what that stands for) told me to get my resume in as soon as my temp contract is up, and he'd personally take it to our building manager with a strong recommendation. And not that warehouse kind of shit, neither. A job involving words, communiques, and furtive white-collar emotional intrigue. Oh, and one of the truck drivers said I deserved to be hired because I worked hard.

Thanks, Josh.

Chairman Burns needed Stycasts, and I delivered one more time. I like the unity better, even though in the interludes I've clearly lost my mind. Tomorrow I buy many beers and a few CDs, maybe throw together one more 'cast for the holidays, and enjoy a solo night of sodden revelry. Or my co-worker Lawrence will take me out to shoot pool and consume LITs (his idea). Thank God we're not going to a strip bar; fortunately, he's burned through all his gentleman-entertainment cash. Heavens.

separation sunday

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Brad suddenly wants out of his state


Don't be ashamed of your age.
Don't let the years get you down.
That old gang you knew
They still think of you
As a rounder in your old hometown.

Don't mind the grey in your hair.
Just think of all the fun you've had
Puttin' it there.
As for that old book of time
You've never skipped a page
So don't be ashamed of your age, brother.
Don't be ashamed of your age.

Listen, Mr. Smith, Mr. Brown,
Don't let your age get you down.
Life ain't begun
Until you're 40, son.
That's when you really start to go to town.

Don't wish that you were a lad.
Why, boy, you've lost more gals
than they've ever had
And, listen, you've graduated
From that ol' sucker stage,
So don't be ashamed of your age, brother.
Don't be ashamed of your age.

*Applies to Death to Flying Things 004 and subsequent numbers. JOHN DARNIELLE AND NINA SIMONE REFERENCES OKAY

keep the Kings blazin' like Bonzi Wells

Need to backload my musical jukebox, really. I wasn't thinking that when I bought Shostakovich's Symphony No. 5, Op. 47, but it's nice to frame my purchases within a matrix of forethought and intent. My musical vocabulary is always in need of jolts, but let's just say that I'm enjoying this piece tremendously. And what I know about 20th century composition could fill a hatbox. Did the 12-tone thing kill music? I don't remember. Which means I'm primed for another crack at A Year From Monday.

'If he listens to the radio every Saturday and if he can afford to buy
every week's No. 1 record he will end up with the record collection of
the Other, that is to say, the collection of no-one ... Ultimately, the
record collection which is no one's becomes everyone's collection -
though without ceasing to be no one's.'

Jean-Paul Sartre recoiled at our charts. I think he comments on Stylus now.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

where have you gone, C.J. Carpenter?

My modest quire of Stycasts welcomes another leaf into the fold! I may burn it to disc and cheer myself in the balmy winter air? I shall always remember sending it to Todd, sitting on my balcony, wondering where my toes went!

If you listen to the whole thing except for the talking you may enjoy a respite from the limpid, rural pace of life of which we all tire.

Also: 100 million for two pitchers, and we're instantly and pre-emptively third-placed by Josh Beckett becoming a Red Sock. How long for Overbay and Burnett to realize they're being paid in Canadian money?

Monday, December 12, 2005

two puffs + Five Stairsteps

Hey, Kyle Orton, it's evidently not a good-luck beard. Shave it.

Apples are filled with razor blades
But fools and innocents believe
That love and faith and truth and beauty
Can make a garden of this human factory

Tracy Chapman's "3000 Miles" is one of the best 2005 tracks I've heard so far, but it wasn't a single, so I didn't push it toward that end. A marvelous song that I happened to hear on one of those "Rest of the Record" programs on our rock radio station.

This isn't your brother's Chapman, even if your brother's named Jamie. The song commences strung on snow-dusted powerlines of guitar-plucked chords, tabla, and what sounds like someone lightly palming her kneecap. Then, one of the more killer opening stanzas:

Good girls walk fast
In groups of three
Fast girls walk slow
On side streets
Sometimes the girls who walk alone
Aren´t found for days or weeks

My brother (he of the third-wave ska and Tom Waits et al) swears by one Tracy Chapman song: "Fast Car". And while it's nice to see the similarities between him and Mr. Stewart grow weekly, I've never heard what he has. On the radio, she's overwhelmed in her own chorus; "subdued" would describe what I've heard of her output. But here, she begins in a murmur and softly pushes against the building instrumentation. A second guitar, burbling organ, one crucially-placed background vocal (wordless, guileless), a slow sting of a solo. And still, Chapman pushes against that increasingly queasy chorus.

& there's a nice trick, too; she skips the expected beat between verse and chorus, falling from futile laments ("dogs hang from the trees") into an uneasy helpless embrace ("I'm 3,000 miles away"). She's implicating herself - everyone, really, so far from this checklist of common brutalities, relieved to be out of hell's way and slitting herself for it.

This is desperation without maudlinness, graceful & not diaphonous, blunt without sensationalism. It's been a masterpiece for two months now.

Oh, and the newest Xiu Xiu is the best yet. Not top 50, but top 20. Yeah? Soon.

It's two weeks until Christmas and I don't even know if I'll see my son, let alone have enough money to buy him presents.

Let us pray for this man, cos he's got bigger problems than all mine combined.

Seriously, reading this review scared me.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

casus luciferi

Well, the Stylus staff has just compiled its top 50 albums for the year. Blurbs are being forged and attached as I type. The number one took us aback somewhat...

Tori Amos' The Beekeeper.

I know. But think of the chance for reconciliation with the Amos fanfic community. I tend to look at this as a positive, even if I did have the Natasha Bedingfield LP at number one.

tha G code

(18:02:21) mlew65: scarface came in today
(18:02:21) chach [AUTO-REPLY] : i hate.
(18:02:46) mlew65: he told me i could call him face
(18:03:18) mlew65: then introduced me to his posse
(18:04:28) mlew65: then he and "50" (whos in his posse) got pissed at each other
(18:04:35) chach: you shoulda called
(18:04:51) mlew65: i was gonna
(18:05:00) mlew65: but he was only there for like 10 minutes
(18:05:04) chach: ah
(18:05:09) chach: so what else
(18:05:50) mlew65: scarface told "50" that if he laid a hand on him that he would kill him
(18:06:14) mlew65: and 50 put his hand on him and was like what now motherfucker
(18:06:25) mlew65: o wait before he touched him
(18:06:50) mlew65: scarface was like i swear on my 77 year old grandmothers life if you touch me i will kill you
(18:07:35) mlew65: so then after 50 touched him scarface was like you best be makin arrangements for your funeral bitch
(18:07:47) mlew65: then told him to get the fuck outta his face
(18:07:53) mlew65: so 50 left
(18:08:23) chach: fun stuff
(18:08:27) mlew65: it was
(18:08:34) chach: was that all the fun stuff that happened?
(18:08:39) mlew65: umm
(18:09:11) mlew65: pretty much
(18:09:19) chach: aww
(18:09:41) mlew65: besides that big thing they were just actin like gangsters and what not
(18:09:48) chach: nice
(18:11:46) mlew65: hes put like 15,000 dollars into his bike in the last month
(18:12:05) mlew65: actually
(18:12:11) mlew65: probably only like 10
(18:12:22) mlew65: but still thats a hell of a lot of money
(18:12:24) chach: yeah
(18:12:27) chach: but he's scarface
(18:12:30) mlew65: exactly
(18:12:38) mlew65: he always pays in cash
(18:12:49) mlew65: and whips out this huge wad on cash
(18:12:53) mlew65: all 100s
(18:13:39) chach: nice
(18:13:52) mlew65: yep
(18:14:08) mlew65: hes a fun guy
(18:14:09) mlew65: ooo
(18:14:20) mlew65: some guy kept callin him
(18:14:31) mlew65: and he didnt want to talk to him
(18:14:44) mlew65: cause he knew the guy wanted to go ride
(18:15:59) mlew65: so finally he answers and is like god damnit you dumb motherfucker i dont want to go riding i want to go to bar and get drunk and watch the game the after that i wanna get some dro and smoke myself into a coma so i dont have to talk to yo dumb ass
(18:16:15) chach: hahahahaha
(18:16:21) mlew65: then hung up
(18:16:24) mlew65: it was hilarious
(18:16:27) chach: i believe it

desire is a heady wine

Yeah, he's wearing a Bauhaus shirt in their "The Right Stuff" video. Hell is for children?


"He was off-duty."
"Oh yeah?"
"Yeah. Coming home, heard glass."
"Called the cops though, right?"
"Sure. Called the landlord, too. Got his badge and checked it out. Shot 'em six times."
"Yeah. One of 'em was in the Sopranos."
"Yeah, but. That's a fucking cop."
"Well, fuck yeah."

Saturday, December 10, 2005

when I said I wanted your weekend

However, if you taste sugar in you or your partner's urine and you or your partner have not consumed artificial sweetener, this may be a sign of diabetes and you should see a doctor. index.php?p=3977

the tone of the Kelly haters on this thread really tells you all you need to know about whether Kelly’s on the right track or not

Comment by John Darnielle — 12/6/2005 @ 10:23 am artists/xiuxiu/laforet

Aramis G gave it an 8:

Jamie, if you read reviews, I just want to say I love Xiu Xiu. It is a testament to your devotion to music that you put out an LP once a year. That is the way all the great old bands did it and I think that totally rocks. Your live shows are pretty awesome too, but I would add a live percussionist (3rd person) because the constant sequencing gets a little old. La Foret is pretty awesome and I love the way it is recorded. Overall it has a crispness that was missing on your previous efforts. However, with all the praise I could and should heap on Xiu Xiu, I am completely done with the whisper/ mumble type songs. Maybe it was “experimental” & “emotional” on the first three albums (& Fag Patrol, & Fleshlettes), but at this point it is starting to sound a little cliché and irritating. I got the reference loud and clear back them. I find myself forwarding past these songs to get to the meat of your albums. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t want to sit through a concert of whisper/ mumble songs would you? So why is it so prominent on La Foret? Suha is a way more powerful “slow” song than all of your whispering/ mumbling, slow, “emotional” songs put together. Just consider what I am saying on your next album. ***By the way you should tour Miami. There are way better looking boys in Miami (I am not even gay, that is just a fact). Why go to Tallahassee? Who the hell is in Tallahassee other than Jeb Bush?

nobody calls Soundwave uncruzamatic

I'm a simple man. I like my art impressionistic, my girlfriend wearing my t-shirts, and nice comments on inconsequential appreciation pieces. If you Google-search for "The Boston Rag," my bit is the first return. I'm writing this for my own edification - the occasional Stylus staffer runs by here, that's pretty much all - but I think I'm starting to find my voice, as the clichè goes. That was the first piece that had a controlled tone, straight through. Not over the top, not overly long or structurally baroque. And there's the Google thing.

Apparently the Micro Machines guy is an Autobot in the Transformers movie. And the dude who does Cobra Commander's voice plays Starscream. My co-worker Lawrence (I taught him how to google himself; to his relief, nothing about him came up) couldn't believe these chimerical robots hadn't been a presence in my childhood, and spent twenty minutes with me amongst shelves full of boxed memory cards telling me all about Transformers chronology and evolution. Lo and behold, I come home from the movies and instead of ATHF volume 1, I find T:TM. So, what the hell. Lawrence gave me Bulletproof Wallets.

As for the movie... I don't really get it. And Orson Welles narrating the Star-Wars-biting opening credits makes me sadder than I've been in years. Why is Optimus talking about being one with the matrix?

I love Coronas. They're like water. Water that gets you drunk.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Debra LaFave and a nice chianti

"All These Things That I've Done". I messed up. Top five. The Killers' "Caught Up": the best song on the album released third or fourth.

Peace to Miccio for recognizing "Caught Up" for the miracle it was. Seriously, it rendered any future Stevie Wonder releases moot.

The comments section is a squealing mess as usual; writers up to their elbows in postnatal goo, all the regular suspects weighing in, surprise revelations about applications, my whining about that Clarkson woman, Alfred Soto's withering male gaze. All the stuff I pretend to be a veteran of, when I gots eleven features and some bass guitar blurbs under my belt. Oh, and a second anti-winter Stycast on the way!

Tonight I may see Syriana. It's a liberal town, so I better get a head start.

Peace to that secret-holder, to both our slightly roiling stomachs, in revolt from different causes. love, Brad

Thursday, December 08, 2005

good experience company

Ah, we love John here, enjoying as we do that kind of Sermon-slope relationship that would actually embarrass the man if it were given expression in his presence. But what else to say about a man who hasn't given up on boxing, and appreciates R. Kelly without that OMG SINGING PISSER IS FUCKING NUTS angle so prevalent? Just because Marvin Gaye co-directed midget snuff films with Bob Crane, does it make "Come Live With Me Angel" any less superlative?

Of course not. And John is my polymath aspiration and favorite music reviewer. For now, he and I are in the same boat: he gets to review only what drives him to dervishes. And I get to write about Steely Dan. The comparison ends there, unless he also cries during Anna Nalick videos.

Big ups to Jeff Siegel making the topic personal and relevant.

This is from someone named Jess, and it purports to be Stylus' top ten:


-- dabnis coleman's ghost (wtf@omg), December 7th, 2005 7:56 PM.

The truth is, relievedly, more mundane. Wait for this post's obsolescence!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

and you know we just give bat mitzvahs on your birthday!

Dirty Third van behind us at 3 AM in the Wendy's drive-thru. She doesn't care for Kreator but damned if she's not interested in Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys. I bought an imported box set at Half Price Books, and I'll try to whittle that down to a disc for her. It's over 100 tracks of candy, even if a certain cornpone hypeman asserts his presence over the course of three decades. I suppose people have to dance to this stuff.


Monday, December 05, 2005

igor olshansky stylee

It is beneficial, at times, to remember the size of this group with which you run. You must remember that obsessions that seem to speak to universal impulses - plumbing the capacity of man to express his ecstasy, vituperance, or devotion - these things that spin us out into our unmarked widening circles, these things are still tiny. I mean, no one's arguing the Cows have pressed nearly enough freakpunk documents into receptive hands. But for all the press, the spins, the requisite star-making NPR spot, an artist of, say, Sufjan Stevens' profile...

Hi Keith,

How many albums has Sufjan Stevens' "Illinois" sold this year? I know it's received some great press and was even featured on an MTV News segment.

Many thanks,

Matt Longo
Middletown, Conn.

Hi Matt,

Sufjan Stevens' "Illinois" has sold 73,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The album was released in July on Asthmatic Kitty records and debuted and peaked at No. 4 on Billboard's Top Independent albums chart.

73,000. Standing room at Lambeau Field. Nothin' more. Mariah Carey can fill five Estadios Maracanas in a week. Just a lil' somethin' somethin'.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

we're the weather girls... and have we got news for you!

"When the Vikings return to Ford Field in two months and extend their winning streak to 13 with a Super Bowl victory, who's going to step up and say, 'We never would have turned this season around if it hadn't been for the sex party on the boat'?"

-King Kaufman